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Joe Boy

I had a great experience renting snowshoes from Joe! Everything was ready for me when i got to his home. He even told me about trails nearby that he enjoyed. Had so much fun!

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What is RentBubba?

RentBubba is a community-based neighbour-to-neighbour rental platform. We give people the opportunity to rent their already owned products that are not being used in order to create passive income. Our goal is to inspire a meaningful future for both humanity and planet Earth, while moving the world towards a responsible way of living. To learn more, visit our About Us page.

How does RentBubba work?

RentBubba connects people who have extra stuff with people who need products for projects, experiences, or adventures. Through the sharing economy, RentBubba allows our neighbours to list and rent out their products on their own RentBubba shop. People looking for products have the ability to rent at a fraction of the cost of buying these products while experiencing more out of life.

How do I rent something?

It's simple! Simply search our platform for what you would like to rent. Once you have found your product, select the dates/prefered times you would like to rent it out. If it's available, you can book the rental right from the platform. You are able to contact the Owner at any time by sending them a message on their Shop to discuss any further pick-up or rental details. Enjoy your new experience, return the product to the Owner and leave a review. And that's it. You've just rented on RentBubba.

Who is Bubba, anyway?

Bubba isn't one specific person. Bubba is the spirit of community in all of us. Bubba represents YOU, the Owner, and the Renter. Being a Bubba is someone who understands the economical and ecological benefits of renting instead of buying. Bubba is not some fictional character, but rather a community-constructed way of living that allows its members to share with their neighbors while benefiting planet earth. We all can live the Bubba way!