Cancellation Policy





1.1 Renters may cancel a reservation with 12071975 Canada Inc. operating as RentBubba (hereinafter "RentBubba”) at any time, and may be eligible to receive a refund of the rental fee subject to the following:

a. if a Renter cancels a Product at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the arranged time for pick-up, then the Renter is entitled to a full refund of the rental fee less the service fee + HST.

b. if a Renter cancels a booking in less than one day prior to the agreed pick-up date (less than twenty-four (24) hours), they will not be eligible for reimbursement unless the booking was made on the same day (within twenty-four (24) hours) that the booking is cancelled. In this case, the Renter will be granted a full refund minus the service fee + HST.

c. RentBubba also has the final say on whether a Renter's refund claim is approved or denied.

1.2. The Renter is also entitled to cancel a booking at the time of pick-up and receive a full refund:

a. if the item(s) are not the item(s) as described and advertised on the RentBubba Website, or

b. if the item(s) are not reasonably in the condition as described and advertised on the RentBubba Website, and

c. but the Renter must submit a photo of the item(s) taken as of the date of pick-up within twenty-four (24) hours of the pick-up date.


2.1. Owners may cancel a reservation at any time due to any circumstance where an item is not available for rent prior to the time of pick-up due to loss, damage by a previous Renter, or that the item has not been returned by a previous Renter.

2.2. If a rental is canceled by the Owner, the Renter will be entitled to a full refund, and the Owner will be charged a cancellation fee which is equal to five percent (5%) of the total rental cost or the minimum of fifty ($50) dollars or whichever is the highest. This cancellation fee will be imposed and withheld from future payouts until the full amount is paid off. It is important to note that certain excusing circumstances may be taken into account during an Owner's cancellation and may override the cancellation fee. RentBubba has the final say on whether the Owner's cancellation fee is applied or waived. Please note:

a. a review will be posted on your profile indicating that you have cancelled the product booking without cause;

b. depending on the mitigating circumstances surrounding your booking cancellation, your Top Neighbour Rating may be negatively impacted;

c. subject to reasonableness, which includes circumstances beyond the control of the Owner or the Renter, RentBubba reserves the right to suspend or cancel access to the RentBubba Service for users who have had cancellations in excess of three (3) within a rolling twenty-four (24) month period.


If you have any questions concerning our Cancellation Policy, you may contact us at